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  • “I, for one, prefer the free enterprise democratic system and am convinced it can function successfully and for the benefit of all mankind.”
    Robert R. Nathan, Founder, Nathan Associates
    Mobilizing for Abundance, November 1943
  • The consulting economist “should be meticulous in seeking facts, examining them for penetrating relationships as well as surface meanings.”
    Robert R. Nathan, Founder, Nathan Associates, 1980
  • “If you can help developing countries [you are] helping mankind and democracy and freedom.”
    Robert R. Nathan, Founder, Nathan Associates, 1995
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    Nathan Associates Inc.

    Solutions powered by
    an understanding of the economics of competition, innovation, reward

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    Litigation Consulting

    Providing economic analysis & expert testimony from data to decision

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    International Development

    Expanding Choices creating value, accelerating growth

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    Business & Industry Consulting

    Providing Insight that turns change into opportunity

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    Infrastructure Planning & Economics

    Ports, airports, roads rail and utilities

Nathan Associates Inc.

Solutions powered by an understanding of the economics
of competition, innovation, reward

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Stirring national controversy, revitalizing shattered economies


Leading economic development and regulatory analysis


Shaping policy debate, providing expert testimony


Extending geographic reach, diversifying services

Economic Analyst Spotlight

Zey Akalin

Managing Associate, International Development Economics

When Robert Nathan founded Nathan Associates in 1946, a handful of consulting economists adapted the economic techniques that had proved so valuable to the U.S. government during World War II to solve the problems facing U.S. industries and foreign governments. Trained in economic analysis and research, they believed that they could use economic principles and data to guide policies and operations in a way that would ultimately make a positive difference in people's lives.

Now, nearly 70 years later, grounded in the same principles and guided by the same core values, our employees are motivated by the belief that we can make a difference. Our consulting staff has grown many times over, and we have expanded our services and geographical reach while remaining small enough to personally ensure the quality of our work.

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