Gender Integration

Development truly succeeds only when women have equal access to property, education, capital, and markets. For these reasons, at Nathan Associates we view gender integration as fundamental to all our work in development—creating business enabling environments, developing the private sector, ensuring food security, facilitating trade, integrating regions economically, and more.

We are experts in designing interventions that benefit women, ever mindful of history and cultural context. We draw on decades of fieldwork as a development consulting firm, and we call on a network of gender specialists in multiple regions. Moreover, we strive to produce the sex-disaggregated data needed to make interventions targeted and effective, and we insist on reliable baselines that make it possible to monitor and evaluate progress.

Through numerous projects, we

  • Connect women-owned enterprises with markets through branding and marketing, networking, and trade-show participation. Regionally, we involve women-owned enterprises in training, discussion platforms, support groups, and business education.

  • Incorporate gender into the understanding of the legal and institutional conditions for doing business—starting a business, getting credit, trading across borders, enforcing contracts, and more.

  • Develop bargaining power, build skills and capacities, and promote women-owned or -managed organizations though mentoring and sharing of best practices in India with women elsewhere in the developing world.

  • Ensure that women are represented in regional growth industries through value chain analysis and develop actionable opportunities for inclusion.

  • Advance women’s empowerment across regional economies by improving the policies that affect access to assets, capital, health care, leadership opportunities, and markets, as well as innovations and technology. We developed the highly influential 21-economy Women in the Economy Dashboard and support emerging knowledge about ecosystems for women’s entrepreneurship, through a comprehensive review of business networks, private-sector initiatives, and government services.

Our expertise is unparalleled. Even so, we know this expertise must evolve rapidly in a changing world. We explore and constantly assess what works and what does not. What we learn we pass along through coaching, information sharing, and training.

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