Bruno E. Viani

Managing Director, Telecommunications


Ph.D., Economics, George Mason University, Virginia
M.A. Economics, George Mason University, Virginia
M.S., International Development and Technology, University of Pennsylvania
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, Lima, Perú


Dr. Viani has more than 18 years of experience with telecommunications policy and analysis, including regulation and competition, and telecommunications transactions. He has advised governments and telecommunications firms on a host of issues.

Dr. Viani has advised regulators on setting competition and merger guidelines; defining markets, assessing dominance, and determining remedies for dominant firms; investigating possible margin squeeze and predatory pricing; setting interconnection rates; drafting telecommunications legislation; designing regulations for access and interconnection; designing regulations for managing radio spectrum; assessing spectrum holdings; and reassigning (refarming) spectrum holdings.

He has advised clients in complex telecommunications transactions involving telecom operators’   demand projections, due diligence, design of the sale strategy, prequalification of bidders, and valuation of the telecommunications business. For submarine cable companies he has assessed their financial performance, projected demand for international connectivity, and analyzed financial feasibility. He has also performed valuation of radio spectrum licenses for broadband services.

Before joining Nathan Associates, Dr. Viani was a professor at George Mason University, Colgate University, and Franklin & Marshall College. He also worked at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, the American Enterprise Institute, and the World Bank’s Development Economics Research Group. His research has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Media Economics, Hacienda Publica Española, Public Choice, Business and Politics, the International Journal of the Economics of Business, and Apuntes

Dr. Viani is also a reviewer for the International Journal of Industrial Organization, Applied Economics, Journal of Media Economics, and Journal of Information Policy. Dr. Viani is a member of the American Economic Association, and the Academy of Regulatory Professionals, and Adjunct Professor at CENTRUM- Graduate School of Business at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

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Telecommunications regulatory, policy, and competition/antitrust analysis. Telecommunications transactions, business valuation, and business strategy.

Industry Experience


Selected Publications & Presentations

The Equity Beta of Telcos Operating in Small Island Nations. Research Notes Series, June 2015. Nathan Associates Inc.


Market Mechanisms for Allocating Radio Spectrum: Cases from Colombia, Thailand, and Peru. (co-author) December 2013. USAID-APEC.


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Consequences of Vertical Separation and Monopoly: Evidence from the Telecom Privatizations. Journal of Media Economics.  2011, Vol. 24 (2): 70–97.


Spectrum Allocation—Central Planning V. User Rights—An International Perspective. Nathan Associates Inc. 2008.


Monopoly Rights in the Privatization of Telephone Firms. Public Choice. (2007). Vol. 133 (1–2): 171–198.


Legislators v. Regulators. The Case of Low Power FM Radio. With Thomas W. Hazlett. Business and Politics (2005) Vol. 7 (1) article 1.


Private Control, Competition, and the Performance of Telephone Firms in Less Developed Countries. International Journal of the Economics of Business. (2004) Vol. 11 (2):217–240.


The Problem of Interference in Wireless Communications. The U.S. Regulatory ‘Solution’ and the Property Rights Alternative. Apuntes. (I Semestre-2002, No. 50 (1):61–79. Universidad El Pacifico, Lima, Peru.


American Economic Association


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