Alleged Aftermarket Automotive Lighting Products Cartel

Buyers of replacement automobile lights, bulbs, and similar parts sued manufacturers and distributors in 2009, alleging the defendants conspired to fix prices. Lawyers for the buyers in this class-action case retained Dr. Russell Lamb to analyze whether all class members were injured as a result of the alleged misconduct and whether it was possible to measure class-wide damages without questioning individual plaintiffs in detail. Dr. Lamb filed four expert reports and one expert declaration on class certification and damages. He also gave two depositions on the two issues and addressed them in his testimony at the class certification hearing. The court, in certifying the class, said Dr. Lamb’s analysis provided “a sufficient basis from which to conclude that Plaintiffs would adduce common proof concerning the effect of Defendants’ alleged price-fixing conspiracy on prices class members paid.” On May 14, 2014, the court granted final approval to settlements worth more than $50 million.


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