Alleged Titanium Dioxide Cartel

In 2010, direct purchasers of titanium dioxide, a widely used pigment, filed a class-action lawsuit alleging that chemical companies conspired to fix prices for the product. Lawyers for the proposed plaintiff class retained Dr. Russell Lamb to analyze whether it was possible to establish that defendants manipulated the supply and price of titanium dioxide and, specifically, whether the buyers were overcharged because of the alleged cartel. Dr. Lamb also assessed whether a method was available to determine total damages suffered by the proposed class. He filed two declarations concerning class certification and two declarations concerning liability and damages, and gave four depositions. The court, in certifying the class on August 28, 2012, said “Dr. Lamb’s regression analysis accurately reflects the characteristics of the titanium dioxide industry, and the facts in this case.” The court granted final approval to settlements on December 12, 2013, collectively worth more than $163 million. 


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