APEC Women in Transportation Data Framework and Best Practices Report

In support of the Women in Transportation (WiT) initiative of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum, this document presents a framework for benchmarking and tracking the participation and influence of women as transportation workers, entrepreneurs, leaders and travelers.

The framework has 5 pillars and 18 priority outcomes. The first four pillars are education, entry into the sector, retention, and leadership. A fifth pillar concerns access and use: women's experiences, needs, and safety as passengers and travelers. The outcomes include such areas as building awareness; removing stereotypes; educating girls and women to prepare them for transportation careers; improving recruitment, compensation, and workplace flexibility; recognizing women's leadership; and increasing passenger safety.

The report provides illustrations of how economies may strengthen conditions for women in transportation, increasing their overall presence and influence. This collection of best practices is intended to be dynamic and to grow as additional experience is accumulated.

The data framework challenges economies, agencies, and firms to commit to regular collection and sharing of data on women in transportation. The framework identifies actions that can strengthen the presence of women in the field, along with actions for tracking whether these outcomes are achieved.

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