FastPath® Toolbox

FastPath® Toolbox

For fast, cost-effective, and reliable transport logistics

What is FastPath®?

Developed by Nathan Associates Inc. and Sophia Yu Consulting Inc., with support from the U.S. Agency for International Development, FastPath is a transport logistics “toolbox” that takes a holistic view of transport logistics and provides a framework for making far-reaching decisions regarding improvement. It consists of an audit methodology and a software application to assess logistics chain performance.

Current System Features

  • Rapidly identify and assess constraints on performance
  • Compare performance with global and regional benchmarks 
  • Test proposed solutions under multiple scenarios 
  • Define graphical depiction of performance in logistics chain links and nodes
  • Options for entering qualitative and quantitative data depending on data availability and reliability

Next Generation 

  • GIS to enhance visualization of logistics systems and performance
  • Calculate impact of carbon emissions likely under proposed improvements
  • Web-based access to scenarios and other data

What does FastPath do?

It helps users pinpoint physical and procedural bottlenecks in transport and freight corridors; determine the causes of those bottlenecks and their impact on logistics time, cost, and reliability; and prioritize resource allocation to improve transport logistics performance. FastPath’s diagnostic process supports constructive discussion among transport and trade stakeholders and policymakers; its modeling capability quantifies analytical results; its norms and benchmarks allows estimates of performance improvement for each component and segment of a transport logistics chain.

Who uses FastPath?

Governments, planners, economists, and engineers it to formulate strategies and establish priorities for improving logistics chain performance. In addition to directly guiding transport corridor and national logistics planning, it feeds into planning for trade facilitation, border security, disaster management, and military logistics.

How does the FastPath process work?

Users first conduct a checklist-based diagnostic of the logistics system, resulting in a corridor description and an initial diagnosis of major problems. They then screen potential improvements using FastPath’s communication tool, which shows decisions points in the logistics chain and provides rapid scenario analysis and simple graphical displays. They then conduct a detailed diagnosis and analyze specific interventions in a multistep process that beginners or experts can master.

Where has FastPath been used?

FastPath has been used in the study of transport corridors in Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, and South Africa.

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