Port Reform Kit--Port Regulation Module

Port Reform Kit--Port Regulation Module

Many countries have completed port reform programs, and many more are reforming their port sectors. The public officials who design reform strategies and oversee implementation have had to resolve legal, financial, technical, social, political, and administrative issues. Public officials, World Bank advisers, and private consultants involved in these transactions have learned valuable lessons about reforms and the reform process. The Port Reform Toolkit, published by the World Bank, sets forth strategies, issues, and decisions associated with port privatization, and provides examples of best international practices drawn from recent experience. Nathan Associates prepared the port regulation module of the Port Reform Toolkit.

Detailed Guidance on Regulation

The port regulation module helps public officials design an economic regulatory framework that keeps ports cost-effective and responsive to changing demand. The module includes guidance on

  • Identifying regulatory requirements and issues,
  • Selecting appropriate regulatory techniques and instruments under a spectrum of port reform options and competitive conditions,
  • Preparing a checklist of items that need to be included in port reform contracts,
  • Formulating an institutional strategy for establishing the regulatory structure and capabilities, and
  • Specifying operational and financial information needed to monitor performance.

Focusing on the economic regulation of private providers of port services, the module discusses the merits of alternative regulatory models, procedures, and criteria for assessing whether port tariffs and other charges are fair and reasonable, and methods of evaluating competitive pressures and the circumstances under which price regulation may be justified.

Toolkit Users

The audience for the toolkit consists of public officials in developing countries responsible for designing and implementing port reform programs. Port and maritime industry officials will also find the toolkit a valuable guide to port reform issues.

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