Stadium Location Study, 1959

… population growth should gradually improve the relative drawing power of the Camden site. Also, whatever initial resentment that a move to Camden may arouse in Philadelphia should soften over time….If beer sales are not legalized in Pennsylvania by 1962, this would constitute a distinct advantage for the Camden site.
Conducted in 1959 for the Philadelphia National League Baseball Club, this study evaluates the merits of two proposed sites for a new stadium: Camden, New Jersey, and South Philadelphia. Robert R. Nathan Associates conducted the economic impact analysis for each location, taking into account the variables of fan demographics, transportation convenience and cost, and local fees, surcharges, and taxes—as well as the possible effect of location and these variables on attendance patterns.

Traffic, public transportation, and physical plant considerations were analyzed by Eshbach, Pullinger, Stevens & Bruder, a firm of architects and engineers from Philadelphia.

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