Trade Facilitation Impact Calculator

Trade Facilitation Impact Calculator

Estimating the Benefits of Import and Export Efficiency

It takes political commitment, technical know-how, and sheer hard work to move goods into and out of countries quickly and efficiently. Is it worth it?

The Trade Facilitation Impact (TFI) calculator estimates the benefit of reducing time spent on import and export processes in terms of national income and employment. Developed under the USAID-funded TCBoost project, the TFI calculator—in one click—provides a range of estimates for changes in gross domestic product (GDP) and formal sector employment of unskilled workers resulting from a one- to five-day improvement in export and import times across the board in a country.

For instance, a one-day reduction in the time it takes to export from Morocco would increase GDP by an estimated $466 million and increase employment in the unskilled labor force by 0.4%.

Estimates are available for more than 130 low- and middle-income countries throughout the world.

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