Transport Corridor Diagnostic & Logistic Studies

The liberalization of economies and the proliferation of trade agreements have increased the volume and pacing of trade worldwide. While presenting many opportunities for economic growth, this success has revealed weaknesses in transport systems that challenge and even defy traditional analytical approaches to reform.

To overcome these challenges, Nathan Associates Inc. developed an approach to assessing the time, cost, and reliability of each link—road, rail, inland water transport—and each node—border crossing, port, intermodal yard—of the transport logistics chain. 

Our analysis generates a logistics score benchmarked against international and regional norms. Dubbed FastPath, this approach allows us to evaluate to what extent improvements in each link and node could remove bottlenecks, lower transport costs, and increase incomes.  By knowing the impact of proposed improvements on overall transport logistics performance, governments and the private sector can channel limited resources to improvements that will have the most effect.  

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