Project Finance

Airports, hydroelectric power plants, and other infrastructure projects often require financing from multiple investors through complex transactions. Increasingly, these projects rely on partnerships between the private and public sectors to secure required financing. Nathan Associates provides the expertise to ensure a steady and reliable source of funds while protecting investors’ interests. In addition to in-depth market and financial analysis, we conduct due diligence that appraises commercial, technical and investment risk to everyone involved. Specifically, our services include

  • Financial analysis and modeling
  • Project identification and evaluation of public-private partnership (PPP) options
  • Identification of potential investors
  • Due diligence
  • Transaction advisory services including drafting of bidding documents
  • Independent engineering and construction supervision
  • Legal and regulatory analysis and reform

Governments, international investment banks, and private investors repeatedly turn to us because of our record of careful and insightful analysis. Our diverse project finance portfolio includes projects in the airports, ports, and energy sectors. We have provided support to numerous governments in legal and regulatory reform of the civil aviation sector, conducted due diligence on investments in hydropower projects, and assessed PPP financing options for various large infrastructure projects worldwide.

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