Nathan Associates’ economists, statisticians, and financial experts assist employers and employees in a wide range of employment matters, including discrimination, wage and hours claims, and class actions. Our expertise derives from our knowledge of labor economics and its bearing on employment law and regulatory issues, and the application of economic and statistical methods that fit the circumstances of a case.  We conduct liability and damage analyses in individual employee and class action matters. Our work includes

  • Developing sophisticated statistical and econometric models based on company, industry, government, and survey data
  • Entering, managing, and analyzing large and complex sets of personnel, time-clock, and payroll records and databases
  • Developing and implementing sampling procedures to gather sample data
  • Designing and managing the implementation of surveys to gather data and carry out sampling plans.

Employment Discrimination

Nathan Associates’ employment experts analyze liability under the Equal Employment Opportunity Act, Equal Pay Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and other federal and state employee protection laws and regulations. We assess claims of discrimination in

  • Recruitment
  • Hiring
  • Job placement
  • Compensation
  • Promotion
  • Segregation
  • Termination

Our employment discrimination work includes development of relevant internal and external labor pools, applicant flow analyses, human capital and wage determinations, and estimations of economic damages. Damage estimates may involve various components of compensation, including front and back pay, benefits, and employee stock options.

Wage and Hour Claims

Nathan Associates’ employment experts analyze liability and damages under the Fair Labor Standards Act, as well as other state and federal fair labor standards laws, related to

  • Unpaid overtime
  • Off-the-clock-work
  • Missed meal and rest periods
  • Lost vacation days
  • Employee misclassification
  • Unreimbursed job expenses
  • Unpaid donning and doffing time

Class Actions

In class action employment matters, Nathan Associates’ experts assist with class certification assessments. We provide analysis and recommendations on

  • Class definition
  • Common impact
  • Practice or pattern
  • Employment decision-making processes
  • Feasibility of class-wide economic damage methodologies

 We also analyze damages and assist with data management and analysis during claims administration.

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