Intellectual Property

Innovation is fueled by new ideas. And new ideas flourish when their commercial value is protected by law and their originators find economic reward through that protection. For more than 40 years, Nathan Associates has analyzed the economics of intellectual property .

Our economists and financial analysts conduct damage analysis and provide expert testimony in all types of intellectual property litigation matters:

  • Patent infringement
  • Copyright infringement
  • Trademark and trade dress infringement
  • Theft of trade secrets
  • False advertising
  • Inventorship disputes.

Our experts have extensive experience

  • Measuring lost profits or lost royalties in patent infringement cases
  • Evaluating disgorgement of unjust enrichment in other intellectual property matters
  • Conducting valuations of intellectual property at issue
  • Conducting original survey research in Lanham Act cases to ascertain confusion over trade names and trademarks.

Our work in intellectual property frequently requires the development, management, and analysis of complex data sets. Our data analyses consist of economic and statistical models fit to the circumstances of a case.

Nathan Associates provides a full range of services in litigation matters, including issue definition and case strategy formulation, discovery assistance, critique of opposing experts’ analysis and testimony, and assistance with preparing for the deposition and cross examination of opposing experts.

In non-litigation matters, Nathan Associates helps

  • Promote the role of intellectual property in economic development
  • Develop public policies that encourage advancement and discourage theft of intellectual property
  • Create and implement models for intellectual property valuation.

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