Private Sector Development

Working with firms, governments, and aid agencies, Nathan Associates strives to advance the development of the private sector and the prosperity arising from that development. Our work is guided by our belief that the private sector is the main engine of economic growth and, when governed by sound policies and institutions, the best means for achieving inclusive, pro-poor growth.

Our experts help firms master every aspect of business development from management and financial systems to marketing and market linkages. Working in the tourism, ICT, agriculture, and textile industries, we help businesses compete locally before they venture into national, regional, and international markets. Staff in our London office specialize in designing and applying program approaches that engage the private sector in development, such as the Making Markets Work for the Poor approach and innovative tools such as challenge funds.

Services for building business capacity and profitability

  • Developing firm and industry strategies for growth, productivity, and market positioning, including policy advocacy, education, and workforce development
  • Working with private institutions to support industry clusters, strengthen industry associations and business service providers, and improve access to financing
  • Advancing strategies to improve the business and investment climate, including reform of policies that constrain industries and sectors.

Services for enhancing local and national competitiveness

  • Benchmarking national and regional aspects of competitiveness
  • Developing trade policies and strategies for export and investment promotion
  • Providing guidance on pro-business policies to donors and lending agencies
  • Strengthening dialogue between the public and private sectors.

Specialized services offered by Nathan Associates London Ltd

  • Devising private sector development (PSD) policies and strategies on the basis of growth diagnostics
  • Developing trade policies, export strategies, and investment promotion strategies
  • Promoting entrepreneurship
  • Advancing reform of the investment climate
  • Advising on industrial policy and competitiveness
  • Analyzing value chains and cluster competitiveness
  • Benchmarking and other business development services
  • Developing new approaches to PSD and reviewing and preparing national PSD strategies
  • Designing and operating PSD programs involving goals for access to finance, employment, commodity and service markets, enterprise development, entrepreneurship, growth, infrastructure, investment, labor markets, renewable energy and climate adaptation technology, and value chains.


Clients include governments, development agencies and lending institutions, private firms, educational institutions, and trade associations.  To learn more about our experts and specific projects, please follow the links in the right column.

Contact for Nathan Associates London Ltd:
Ignacio Fiestas

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