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Nathan Associates' employees are recruited for technical skill, industry knowledge, experience in the public and private sectors, and ability to work in diverse cultures. Our academic affiliates are experts in emerging areas of private litigation and regulation enforcement, such as the competitive impact of industry networking effects, competitive analysis of utility regulation, competition in financial product and service markets, and intellectual property. Staff of Nathan London Ltd., our subsidiary in the United Kingdom, specialize in markets in transitional and developing countries, helping clients identify attractive geographic markets, providing country and sector analysis to support market entry, and advising corporations on reputation risk and corporate social responsibility. See also our young professionals.


Development economics, impact evaluation, agricultural trade and policy

Antitrust, industrial organization, applied econometrics

Class certification, antitrust, damage analysis

Expert witness, gaming industry, Indian gaming, public policy, economic impact analysis, survey design and research

International trade policy, trade facilitation

Expert witness, financial economics, securities class action, applied microeconomics, damage analysis

Trade, export promotion, competitiveness, business development services

Expert witness, financial economics, securities class action, empirical asset pricing, market microstructure, the financial system

Macro policy, tax reform, investment promotion, financial market development, growth and poverty reduction, small enterprise finance 

Gaming industry, Indian gaming, economic impact analysis, public policy, survey design and research, program evaluation

Intellectual property, finance, commercial damages, antitrust, valuation

Data development and analysis, surveys

Bankruptcy, fraudulent conveyance, bankruptcy investing, bank management

Macroeconomics, trade reform, trade policy

Expert witness, antitrust, industrial organization

Member, Nathan Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer

Expert witness, SEC Rule 10b-5, financial economics, financial markets, and international finance

Member, Nathan Board of Directors

Environmental Advisory
Environmental Litigation & Disputes
Product Liability & Mass Tort

Consumer protection and discriminatory lending practices; microeconomics; public policy analysis; environmental regulation; criminal justice issues; corporate crime and punishment; street crime

Private sector development
Financial sector development

Gaming industry, Indian gaming, public policy

Economic impacts, market/business analytics, and cost/benefit analysis

Expert witness, gaming industry, public policy, economic impact analysis

Expert witness, finance, valuation

Transport and transport facilities, project finance, privatization, public-private partnerships

Transport planning and engineering, roads

Expert witness, finance, securities

Private sector development, rural economics, economic development and poverty reduction

Expert witness, antitrust, class certification, damage analysis

Public financial management and economic policy reform

Antitrust, valuation, damages, Daubert, economic and financial analysis, IP, labor and employment disputes, public policy, regulation and antitrust, securities, statistics

Antitrust, Industrial Organization

Private sector development

Litigation consulting

Damage analysis, forensic accounting, intellectual property, and automotive dealership disputes.

Development economics, trade policy and trade facilitation

Infrastructure, ports, transport logistics

Nathan Affiliate specializing in energy market modeling, trading and risk management, contract disputes, and analysis of potential market manipulation

Energy and environmental economics, antitrust, healthcare economics

Damage analysis, investigative accounting, intellectual property, and consumer class action

Expert witness, patent infringement, antitrust

Applied microeconomics, econometrics, antitrust, damage analysis

International trade agreements, agriculture, telecommunications

Antitrust, commercial damages, intellectual property, valuation

International development economics

Industrial organization, financial economics, applied econometrics

Expert witness, managerial economics, antitrust

Expert witness, damage analysis, public policy analysis, economic impact analysis, regulation and antitrust, gaming industry, Indian gaming, Native American advisory services, statistics, surveys

International trade policy, private sector development, business environment reform, economic policy analysis

Financial sector development

Economic development and growth, trade facilitation

Trade policy, trade negotiations, trade facilitation

 Consumer Protection, Development Economics, Economic Policy, Institutional Development and Capacity Building, Intellectual Property Rights 

Labor economics, applied microeconomics, statistics and econometrics

Corporate finance, pension plans, risk management, insurance economics

Industry analysis, econometric damage calculations, antitrust

Economic and trade policy, WTO accession and implementation of trade agreements

Expert witness, antitrust, industrial organization, valuation, IP, damages, class certifications, FIFRA, dumping

Economic development and growth, international economics

Gaming, hospitality, and tourism industries

Labor markets, trade analysis, agriculture

Agriculture (policy and marketing), financial sector, private sector development, monitoring and evaluation

Member, Nathan Board of Directors

Trade facilitation, trade policy, agriculture and food security, trade capacity building, communications

Industry analysis, econometric damage calculations, est. of damage incidence, valuation

Expert witness, antitrust, intellectual property

Expert witness; gaming industry; Indian gaming; economic impact analysis; survey research, design, and analysis

Expert witness, antitrust, energy and natural resource economics, industrial organization, law, economics, sports economics

Labor and employment disputes, securities disputes, statistics and econometrics, finance

Valuation, regulatory economics, damage analysis

Trade facilitation, border management, customs modernization

Agriculture, rural development, rural private sector development

Member, Nathan Board of Directors

Business development, private sector and financial sector development

Telecommunications regulatory, policy, and competition/antitrust analysis. Telecommunications transactions, business valuation, and business strategy.

Trade in services, trade policy, WTO accession

Expert witness, finance, valuation

Gaming industry, public policy, economic impact analysis

Trade and investment, macroeconomics, financial market regulation

Trade policy, business climate, law and economic development

Commercial legal and institutional reform, access to markets, women's economic empowerment

Expert witness, damages estimates, business valuation, patent valuation, telecommunications

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